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Upcoming Schedule of Events

Date Time Event
July 9
7:00 pm
Town Council meeting
July 19
7:00 pm LVIA General meeting
August 6
6:00 pm
WAVHS Meeting, Lazy T BBQ
August 13
7:00 pm
Town Council meeting
August 16
7:00 pm
LVIA General meeting
Sept. 3
6:00 pm  WAVHS Meeting
Sept. 10
7:00 pm  Town Council meeting
Sept. 20
7:00 pm  LVIA General meeting
Sept. 22  8:00 am
LVIA Gymkhana, Sign-up 8, Ride at 9

All events take place at Leona Valley Community Building, 8367 Elizabeth Lake Road, unless otherwise indicated.

Self-Led Yoga Class meets every Tuesday from 4-5 pm


The Leona Valley Community Building, 8367 Elizabeth Lake Road, can be rented, subject to availability, for community or private functions by both LVIA members and non-members.

The fee for current members of at least six months standing is $175.00.  The non-member fee is $275.00.  Included is the use of the kitchen and the tables and chairs in the building.  A deposit of $500.00 by a separate check is required and will be returned if the building is left in the same or better condition as when rented.  The outside barbecue can be included for an additional fee of $25.00 for members and $50.00 for non-members.  A one-day license from the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control is needed if alcohol is to be sold.  Proof of Liability Insurance is required.  This can be a homeowner’s fire and liability policy or an organization’s general liability insurance.

Contact Brian or Leeann Murray at 270-9205 for building availability dates or information.

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